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Pavilion Of The Ancestors


Kaira Loroo, 2019


Architects: Edward Rojas, Esteban Uribe, Camila Mancilla

Design a Pavilion for Peace in Sedhiu, Casamance, Senegal, developing a symbolic architecture that connects us with the ancestors and the memory of the victims of the African wars, constituting a commemorative and educational place, respectful of the environment and local traditions.

This architectural design, seeks to represent 3 important elements for Senegalese culture: the contemporary impluvium, the sacred tree Axis Mundi, and the palace- hut.Contemporary Impluvium

This element is represented by the reinterpretation in "contemporary key" of the vernacular typologies of Senegalese architecture, mainly considering its materials, technologies and artisanal manufacture, in dialogue with the contemporary techniques and materials of this century.

Thus, our pavilion project is based on the typological concept of the Senegalese impluvium house. She relates the existence of life according to its community value, always related to water, an essential element in this magnificent equation.

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