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Graphic and Ethnographic Study
Islas Huichas Patagonia


Seminar on Vernacular Expressions of Southern Chile, Between La Araucanía and Aysén.

National Monuments Council, Ministry of Culture of Chile



"The story of Pedro Vargas is the living image of his ancestors; his roots are of an apple tree transmuted into small boats, foreseeing the wind. From this equation, he is the pressure of the wind on the volatile waters of the Guaitecas that, between archipelagos and sea wolves, grant pure time to the experience of a collector of sea and land. The dependence on these elements creates in his imagination a constellation always vigilant to the territory, just like the owl that represents his favorite soccer team. It is suspended as if preparing to take off and dressed in the enamel of its waters that brought him to this place. As if it were nostalgia, he brought the tree-covered mounts inside, where the medal of the club La Unión de Caleta Andrade and a tribute to the young man who once ran after the laying hen fearlessly and at high speed, coexist.

The skin of the Huillín cat is already dry; he lowers it from the boat and accompanies it with all the shellfish that he managed to collect, he works, lights a fire, and cooks it in the pot. At 3 in the morning, he gets up for the next boiling, and that is how, in the middle of the night, they return, always acolytes to Pedro's activities, the one who always lurks flying and with a strong light rises, thus awakening his lost son and his first love, whose name he no longer remembers but remains in those nights as a guide inhabiting his penumbra. And before returning to bed, he brings the moon with him, which hours later the logical ones in the morning will describe as a simple worn hammer, but he knows well that if he does not keep the moon, among shotguns, ax, and seaweed, later still, pure time is going to take it away."

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