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A Vernacular Flight

"A Vernacular Flight," crafted in 2016, is a captivating visual narrative that seamlessly navigates between the tangible streets of cities and the ethereal realms of imagination. Inspired by a meticulous field journal and wanderlust-driven city explorations, this artwork distills the spirit of diverse places into evocative collages.

The collages, composed of photographs infused with day-to-day urban life, are juxtaposed with dreamy interpretations of landscapes, creating a blend of reality and fantasy. This harmonious interplay invokes a profound sense of familiarity while also transporting viewers to surreal dimensions.

Having been showcased at esteemed venues like Museo Antropológico Martín Gusinde in Porvenir, Galería La Idea, and multiple exhibits at Hotel Casino Dreams in Punta Arenas, "A Vernacular Flight" offers audiences a chance to embark on a unique journey. Through the medium of collage animation, one is invited to experience the melding of reality's mundane moments with the boundless possibilities of dreams, all while delving deep into the soul of urban landscapes.

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