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Modern Nymphs: A Homage to Women in Architecture

"Modern Nymphs" is a compelling paper collage series that challenges and reimagines the role of women in the architectural realm. Crafted between 2018-2020, each piece showcases houses constructed from photographic facades, intricately adorned with images of women. These women, seamlessly integrated into the architectural structures, become both the foundation and the ornament, symbolizing their essential yet often overlooked contributions to the field of architecture.

Using a combination of analog collage techniques on digital prints, the artwork pushes the boundaries of traditional and contemporary mediums. The visual narrative not only elevates the significance of women in architectural design but also serves as a powerful reminder of their resilience, creativity, and indomitable spirit.

By juxtaposing the steadfast structures of houses with the dynamic presence of women, "Modern Nymphs" invites viewers to reflect on the evolving role of women in shaping our built environments and to celebrate their enduring impact on the architectural landscape.

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