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Ekphrasis: The Stone and the Tree

In 1951, Le Corbusier was commissioned by Lucie Delgado Chalbaud to design a Funerary Chapel in Caracas, Venezuela, as a tribute to her husband, a Military President who died under political circumstances. The project consisted of a pyramid on a 20x20 m2 terrain. While there are limited records in Le Corbusier's Foundation, some suspicious lines in the drawings hint at the existence of three geometries, possibly indicating the use of Masonic symbolism. This secretive aspect might explain why Le Corbusier never published the project. Various theories propose political connections or personal requests for secrecy. The drawing- scenographia - holds symbolic solid content, suggesting a metaphysical world and invisible underground geometry, further emphasizing the enigmatic nature of Le Corbusier's design.


Mirror of Design

Paul Emmons

Virginia Tech Washington Alexandria Architecture Center (WAAC)



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