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Mapped Memories: The Forgotten Souls

The "Mapped Memories" collage series is a poignant exploration of urban landscapes intertwined with the narratives of those often overlooked. Utilizing vintage city maps as the foundational layer, each piece encapsulates individuals who have, over time, been left in the shadows of urban progression.

The maps, with their intricate streets and landmarks, serve as symbolic backdrops, representing the bustling city life and the ceaseless march of time. Juxtaposed against these are the evocative images of individuals, their stories subtly yet powerfully woven into the urban fabric. Their placement on the maps is deliberate, highlighting regions, streets, or landmarks that might have significance in their tales.

Through "Mapped Memories," viewers are invited to reflect on the duality of city life: the relentless forward momentum and the individuals left in its wake. It's a reminder that every street, every corner, holds stories of those who once walked there, their memories echoing in the spaces they once inhabited.

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