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Metamorphic Thresholds: Liminal Dwellings
2021 - In process


"Metamorphic Thresholds" is a series of tridimensional collages meticulously crafted from magazine cutouts, book excerpts, and found objects, all intricately assembled on cardboard and set against masonite boards. Each collage paints a vivid scene, a narrative intricately woven with the theoretical musings of Victor Turner on liminality — those transformative moments or rituals that signify profound human transitions.

These carefully curated collages offer a tapestry of chance encounters, encapsulating the cyclical nature of life through stories of death, birth, and transformation. They embody the belief in life as a perpetual metamorphosis, where every ending begets a new beginning. Rooted in the premise of life's unending ebb and flow, these artworks not only represent individual stories but also echo universal experiences that resonate with the human condition.

Furthermore, each piece is framed within an architectural theater, reminiscent of local housing structures. These settings are not mere backdrops but symbolize the very spaces where such transcendental experiences unfold. They act as homes, or sanctuaries, where life's most pivotal moments take place.

"Metamorphic Thresholds" invites the viewer to journey through these liminal spaces, offering a reflective lens to perceive and contemplate the transformative rituals that punctuate our existence, emphasizing that within the walls of the familiar, the extraordinary takes place.

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