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Adapting Traditions: Exploring Digital Tools in Architectural Representation during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Students Status

Camila Mancilla

Guillermo Müller

BArch Second year



Universidad Austral de Chile


First Semester



As an introduction to the world of digital tools and architectural representation, students were challenged to adapt their traditional hand-drawn methods during the COVID pandemic. The task required them to carefully measure and assess their personal working spaces and utilize digital tools to create a detailed and textured representation of themselves in that environment.

This exercise aimed to familiarize the students with navigating digital environments while also encouraging an introspective study of their personal habits and the dimensions of their designated workspaces. A crucial aspect of this assignment involved the selection of a material present in their chosen room. Students were to incorporate this material's texture in their final digital drawing and justify its significance in relation to their personal identity in the workspace.

Marking an important transition in the art of architectural representation, this exercise sought to foster digital literacy, self-awareness, and a keen understanding of the impact that one's environment has on their experiences and creative output. As students attempted to seamlessly blend traditional and digital techniques, they were challenged to find new ways to express their unique perspectives within the realm of architectural design.

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