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The Houses of Broken Mirrors: Collage as a Method of Creative Investigation
Camila Mancilla, 2019

This publication offers a unique exploration into the art of collage, emphasizing its role not merely as an end product but as an intricate creative journey. Incorporating over 60 pre-perforated sheets designed for cutting and a curated selection from the "Architectures Made of Architectures" exhibition, Camila Mancilla combines the history and modern techniques of collage, making it accessible to enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Distinguished figures in the field, including architect Edward Rojas Vega and art historian Dr. José de Nordenflycht, have contributed their insights, reinforcing the book's stance on the symbiotic relationship between research and creation in the realm of collage.

Beyond technique and history, the book delves into the interplay between collage and urban-rural landscapes, all rooted in Mancilla's nearly five-year journey with mixed media. It serves as both a reflection on the art form and a challenge to conventional academic boundaries, pushing the reader to see collage as a powerful tool for investigation and self-expression.

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