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Hijuna's Otherness: A 360° VR Collage Experience

 Factoria Santa Rosa, 2017

Dive into a pioneering virtual reality installation that captures the essence of "Hijuna's Otherness." This 360-degree collage, presented using Oculus Rift VR glasses, narrates a tale deeply connected to the heritage of the Factoria Santa Rosa neighborhood.

The immersive journey centers on Hijuna, a moniker for the young boy Juan de Dios, inspired by the eponymous novel by Carlos Sepulveda Leyton. It vibrantly depicts the historical significance of the neighborhood, formerly recognized as the Musalem textiles, and its pivotal role in Barrio Franklin during the 1940s. Through Hijuna's perspective, visitors are transported to an era when streets were raw and unpaved, offering an intimate glimpse into the daily rituals of the community. Immerse yourself in Hijuna's memories and desires, and journey through the eyes of a child deciphering the nuances of his environment.​

Technical Details:

  • Medium: Oculus Rift VR with a 101º fixed field of vision

  • Dimensions of the Glasses: 19.5 cm width x 8.5 cm height x 9.5 cm depth

  • Installation Height: Glasses are suspended at 1.50 meters from the floor using black micro tensors, which hang from the gallery ceiling, covering a vision area of 80x80 cm.

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