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Reversed Migrations

Embroidered Collages


"Reversed Migrations" delves into the historical migration of Croatians to Chile, primarily during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with a significant settlement in Punta Arenas. As this cultural group established roots, they engaged with the indigenous Patagonian community. Historians note that the European settlers often attempted to overlay their culture upon the Patagonians, leading to the erosion of a lifestyle deeply intertwined with fiery sunsets and starry skies.

This art series draws inspiration from the Patagonian men and women who encountered this wave of migration. It presents a hypothetical: What if the migration had flowed in the opposite direction? By juxtaposing photographs from the book "Zagreb 1900" by Liber with images from Martin Gusinde in Tierra del Fuego, the series prompts reflection on migration patterns, cultural exchanges, and the ever-evolving world. It encapsulates the idea that contrasting worlds can coexist, not just within geographical boundaries but within the frame of an image, beautifully embroidered together.

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