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Diego de Sagredo's Frontispiece 


Mirror of Design 

Paul Emmons 

Virginia Tech Washington Alexandria Architecture Center (WAAC)

The frontispiece offers a captivating visual introduction to Diego de Sagredo's "Monstrous Columns". Suspended ethereally against a backdrop of a cerulean sky are the intricate and ornate monstrous columns, seemingly defying gravity. Their levitation symbolizes the blurred boundaries between the tangible and intangible, echoing Sagredo's explorations of dreams and the ethereal nature of architecture. Whispers of clouds weave around the columns, further emphasizing their dreamlike state. The columns' designs hint at the transformative nature of reincarnation, with subtle visual cues that evoke cycles of life, death, and rebirth. This ethereal tableau serves as a visual metaphor for Sagredo's philosophical musings on architecture's place in the dreamscape and its profound connection to themes of melancholy, reality, and the afterlife.

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