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This collection showcases various animations I've crafted using collage montage techniques, either for commissioned projects or personal endeavors. Explore more of my work on my YouTube channel. The tools of my trade include Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. Some visuals are scanned images, while others are sourced from the internet.

Architects in Film Production: A Tribute to Model Makers at Archifilm Festival

For the Archifilm Festival in Santiago de Chile 2022, I decided to pay tribute to the pivotal role of model makers and architects in cinematic spaces. While the festival curated the movie selections, my vision took viewers on an immersive tunnel journey. This voyage was adorned with architects' hand drawings and intricate model making. It culminated in a sublime structure, crafted from fragments of diverse movies, eras, and architectural styles, underlining the profound intersection of architecture and cinema. After submitting my piece, I never received feedback. I'm uncertain of the reasons – perhaps it wasn't to their liking.

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