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Architecture made of Architectures

AMA, is a series that delves deep into the heart of vernacular architecture and its profound influence on shaping identities. Much like humanity itself, this architecture is not confined to historical or geographical contexts. It's free, transparent, and constantly flutters through the pure reality of existence. At times, it merges, collapses, blends, while at others, it slides away - always buoyant and innocent. It stands as the shelter and very core of every culture, uniquely manifesting based on the specific materials of its locale. This vernacular architecture belongs to pure time, unbound by categories, dates, or narratives - it's the cosmic dimension of time fearlessly represented through earthly materials.

Each of these architectural pieces is a collage in itself. Composed of countless fragments, they embody the spirits of ancestors in the materials from which they are constructed. They are time incarnate, echoing the voices of the past. Homes, with their facades, scream humanity's expression in the world. They are portraits, where windows serve as eyes and doors as delicate lips, marking the boundary between inside and out.

In the series, the bluish-grey of "Lo Sur" contrasts with a chromatic and symbolic explosion, painting the sky's dome with star-like raindrops. The memory ingrained in wood and zinc whispers tales of ancestors. The spirit of magical proportions, the essence of colors, and the power of ornamental frameworks momentarily transport the viewer to the sunken forests of Schwarzwald. The architectures seem to levitate, evading the dark forces of midnight, drifting amidst chimney smokes, wandering with stars and the universe.

The resilience manifested in moss, the hidden magic within damp, fragile walls, and the memories of creaking roofs speak volumes. They reveal colorful universes, defying both time and the slashes of modern architects. The male architect, replicating age-old patterns, has introduced bland, desaturated images from other realms and worlds that are aspirational yet lacking. With industrialization, they've uprooted us, broken our spirits, and stolen our vibrancy.

Through this series, a world imbued with true identity is proposed, unveiling the universe's original beauty. It pays homage to the pain of our ancestors and creates vibrant, fantastical realities that represent the true colors of our souls.

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