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"AMA, Architectures Made of Architectures"

Immersive Collage 


"Architectures Made of Architectures" highlights the role of architecture in forming cultural identities, particularly in the southernmost country in the world, Chile. AMA portrays the essence of different Chilean regions, emphasizing their historical and religious significance. Each piece of architecture serves as a window to the past, connecting interiors with urban life.

Throughout history, humans have sought shelter, making housing a primary concern. Architecture, molded by various factors like culture, economy, and local materials, is a vast collage of human experiences. Inspired by Bernard Rudofsky's "Architecture Without Architects," AMA celebrates the diversity and richness of Chilean architecture, exploring patterns and predominant characteristics observed over time.

The immersive collage is crafted in After Effects. For a complete experience, touch and move around the video for a 360° panorama.

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