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GüeikApp: Reviving the Past - A Cultural Heritage Tech Project for Master's Degree
1:13 min
promotional animation

Introducing GüeikApp - a cutting-edge web application for smartphones that bridges the realm of cultural heritage and technology. Designed as part of my master's project in cultural heritage, this app takes users on a journey through time, immersing them in the experiences and observations of travelers who visited Chile in the 19th century. Highlights: Target Audience: Primarily young digital natives who are keen on experiencing history through an innovative lens. Multimedia Montage: The app leverages multimedia to recreate detailed traveler accounts, transforming them into a virtual "mental theater". Interactive Sensory Installations: Using visual and auditory filters, users can engage with sensory-rich recreations that are geographically and climatically time-stamped on an interactive map. User Interaction: Users can document their experiences in real-time by quoting text, and adding videos, photos, or drawings directly from their smartphones. Social Sharing & Future Insights: All user-generated quotes can be shared and stored in a database, serving as a reservoir of cultural experiences for future explorations. Dive into the past, engage with history, and contribute to the future with GüeikApp. 

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